Bethanie Still: Human Resources Recruiter

Bethanie is a small town, South Carolina native with love for the city life. She enjoys traveling, binge-watching, shopping for the latest styles and reading (she believes everyone should read 10 pages of a book a day). During her high school years, she was a part of her school volleyball team, student council, beta club, and on the weekends participated in many glitz pageants! Fun fact, she’s appeared on 3 different Toddler & Tiara episodes and is actually related to the one and only Honey Boo-Boo! She is now currently working to further her career in business with the various skills she’s mastered. Her sales experience and natural social skills have helped her expand professionally to take on the most vital role in our Human Resources Department – recruitment. Her dream is to own or partner in a real estate agency that specializes in “fixer-uppers”.